AW15 was an unusual season for me in that it is the first year in recent memory that I haven’t bought myself a new winter coat. (I’m still in love with last year’s purchase, a  dark brown faux-buttery-leather hooded jacket that is probably the closest I’m going to get to Jennifer Lopez’s classic look in her “Get Right” video:)


If there is any outer garment that I would want to buy, it would be a new trenchcoat, especially as my black one from French Connection is quite well-worn now in its 5th year. I would love to have a white one, but for some reason it is impossible to find a men’s trench that is white. A Google Image search for “white trenchcoat” brings up a plethora of women in white coats, and literally a handful of men wearing off-white coats. This one is the best of the bunch, and although it’s not the pure-driven-snow white of my dreams, it certainly illustrates how lovely such a coat could be on a man:


This picture is on the Soletopia website, and if you click on it, you can see in the comments that poor Rafael is having a similar dilemma to mine – where can one actually buy such a beautiful coat from?!? (“Vistula” is a Polish clothing website that I unfortunately do not have the necessary language skills to navigate.)

Burberry is famous for their iconic trenchcoat. Surely they would have a beautiful range of trenches? Guess again, bitches – if it ain’t navy, khaki, beige or black, you won’t find it in the men’s section. The best option is a short maroon gabardine, and a honey-coloured long trench. They’re beautiful coats, but where is the variety?

A couple of years ago, I fell in love with this wine-coloured Burberry trenchcoat which Beyoncé wore in her “Jealous” video:


The colour + the sheen + the metal accents make this coat everything. I could never afford to buy this actual one, but my point is that it aims higher than men’s equivalents.

A couple of years ago, I nearly bought a cherry-red trench from Zara, but Toby persuaded me not to as I looked “too much like Carmen Sandiego”. In retrospect, I wish that I had bought it as it would have stood out a mile in a crowd.


A quick scan of Zara’s website shows that the only long coats currently on offer for men are in black, grey and beige. It just goes to show that when my fashion spidey-sense is tingling, I should just follow it all the way to the cash register. At least I got the fluffy hooded jacket last year. Perhaps 2016 will be more successful!


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