Rufskin love.

I have been vaguely familiar with Rufskin jeans, but didn’t really pay the brand any mind. Over the last week though, that’s changed.


As a frustrated triple threat, this dance wear campaign is giving me life, all because of black leg warmers and a black crop top. If I had that man’s body, I would be wearing this exact outfit running through Gunnersbury Park on the way to ballet class.  Talking of running…


The Shanghai collection is a modern twist on Chinese-style designs.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 22.59.32

I adore black and gold, and these Leif running tights would make me zip along faster than a bumble bee.


Eyes up top, gentlemen!! Again, I dream of having the body (and the ABS) to wear a crop top like this. I am definitely in favour of the male crop top.


I love the pairing of these basic jeans with the open black boots – a classic look made just that little bit edgy because the boots are longer than your average. And finally…


I have no words for this all black everything. Just applause.



OK, I lied about that one being the last one. I have to take my hat off to Rufskin not only for taking men’s fashion and sportswear to the next level (to the point where I want to buy the damn stuff to actually work out in it, which is an achievement!), but also paying tribute to Tom of Finland’s iconic drawings, embracing and celebrating gay men in one breath.


Thank you, Rufskin.


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