In the last 6+ months of absence, I’ve been looking for inspiration for my music, my career, my body, my life! Now I’m recovering that joie de vivre.

Sifting amongst the virtual tonnes of garbage strewn throughout the internet and social media, there are nuggets of gold still to be found. Pinterest is my new favourite foray into social media, because it exists for the purpose of sharing interesting things, and provoking and inspiring one another. It’s great for collating mood boards or just collecting lots of cool stuff.

But after a little while, if one is semi-discriminating in what they like and re-pin, you can amass a decent proportional representation of your own personality. An insight into yourself that isn’t limited to a certain number of facets or interests, but is still concentrated and categorised enough to be digestible. My Pinterest tells you something about my style, while at the same time highlight other people’s cool style. It’s very celebratory, which I love. (Facebook is beyond square, and Twitter these days often seems to be negative due to many users’ poorly-worded attempts to claim superiority over others.) Rather than disposable characters or pointless likes, Pinterest is all about cherry-picking things which hold genuine value, and sharing them with others. I like this approach.

I have a few fashion-related boards, which has been my way of simultaneously keeping my finger on the pulse and honing my own style. One for men’s fashion (named after this blog), one for chic things which aren’t necessarily for men but are still cool , one for tattoo designs and inspirations, one for other design-related articles of interest. Words and fonts can be fashionable and provocative too, as can music, so I’ve got boards for those things also. I think that by sharing things that we like, we can find things in common with others and expose ourselves to new and interesting things. And by discovering new things, we evolve.


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singer / songwriter / fashionista / aspiring novelist

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