i am my hair. (part ii)

Following on from my previous blog post, today I went to Toni & Guy at Westfield London to have my hair cut and styled! I was extremely nervous because I hadn’t entrusted my hair to anyone else in over six years, but I knew that in order to achieve the look that I wanted, I couldn’t do it myself. I booked an appointment with Reza, one of the senior stylists, and showed him the pictures (also from the previous post) of what I wanted. First of all, he took me into the back of the salon and washed my hair. I leaned back into the sink (which had a hole for my neck to rest), and felt the water wash over my scalp. Reza kindly checked the temperature, and started to massage some very nice-smelling shampoo into my scalp. Meanwhile, I was having an emotional response and even thought that I might cry, because it was so strange for somebody to be treating my hair so tenderly, and I hadn’t had my hair washed by anyone else since I was a small child and my mother was washing it on the living room floor, dipping my head into one plastic bowl and then rinsing it into another. Luckily, I somehow managed to maintain my composure and we headed back to the stylist chair.

Reza put a couple of men’s magazines in front of me – I politely glanced at the covers, but I knew that I would much prefer to watch what he was doing and the magic that he would work on my hair. I admitted that I’d been cutting it myself for years and that it had been a long time since anyone had touched my scalp. He smiled and got to work – firstly, he cut a great deal of hair off the sides. Already the transformation was pleasing me, and even he said that the haircut looked like it would suit me well – it’s reassuring when the stylist says that! He described my chosen cut as “trendy but classic” and explained that while it might be a change for me, sometimes people can be extremely dramatic when changing their look. I smiled and remember my fair share of dramatic experiments with dye and clippers through my adolescence and early adulthood. He then blow-dried and styled my hair repeatedly to get a straight, fluffy look per the pictures. All in all, it took about 40 minutes and I am so pleased with the result:


It’s not the best picture, and my hair needs to grow a bit longer on top before I can really achieve the look I am going for, but it’s an excellent start and looks very smart. My fears about what my job might think have dissipated, as it does indeed look classic and respectable, while bang-up-to-date at the same time. I talked with Reza about how I could maintain the style myself (after all, what would be the point of getting the most expensive haircut of my life if after a day, I could never recreate the look again?) and bought some sleek blow-dry cream and some texturising clay – a lot more than I had intended to spend, but I hope that it will be worth it! I also bought a hairdryer from Boots straight afterwards, so I am fully kitted out.  I feel like my new hairstyle has rejuvenated my whole face (my eyes actually look less tired) and Toby commented that it has elongated and changed my face shape – which is nice! I will head back in two months (just before Christmas) to have another appointment and hopefully take the next step on my journey to fabulous hair – it’s been an auspicious start and I feel fully prepared to go to Prague tomorrow morning and debut my hairstyle in eastern Europe! Ahoj!


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