Toby and I are big fans of Made In Chelsea, and one of the many things that keeps us hooked week after week is the sense of fashion. These are young people with seemingly endless amounts of money to spend on designer clothes and jewellery, and they often look very good. But sometimes, their ability to purchase provocative pieces may make an intriguing statement. Caggie Dunlop, one of the show’s stars, has a hipster-chic effortfully-effortless look going on, and is a clear proponent of a controversial fashion topic: double denim.

Surprisingly, Google Images didn’t have a wealth of pictures to back up my claim, so you’ll just have to trust me that Caggie wore a lot of double denim on the show. Now personally, in the above picture I actually think Caggie doesn’t look bad, and as a ‘child’ I unknowingly committed the sin of double denim on many an occasion (my nan bought me a denim jacket in my early teens). So I believe that there is no hard and fast rule about when double denim works and when it doesn’t. Replay’s recent ad campaign caught my eye:

Again, the most offensive thing about this advert is not the double denim, but the excessively sulky look on the male model’s face. However, conversely:

All the glitter, gloss and Justin/Britney (ahh, remember the days?) smiles cannot make this clothing right. What’s more, the jacket that Justin’s wearing makes him look a little bit obese – which, as any and all of us who have seen Justin’s abs know, is far from the truth. I wonder if it is the fact that Justin and Britney are wearing one tone / style of denim, whereas Caggie and Mr. and Mrs. Replay are wearing contrasting styles / textures / colours. Could this be a rule for wearing double denim successfully?

Hmm, she looks pretty good. And all her denim matches… so perhaps things aren’t that easy either. Though I imagine that if you are as beautiful as Kasia Struss above, you can probably get away with wearing most things. Moving on however, one thing that nobody should try to get away with wearing is a pair of denim shorts or cutoffs, which have the pockets hanging below the hem. Now, I have pair of ripped jeans whose rips gradually get larger the more I wear them. One hole on my left thigh has started to stray a little further down past the edge of my inside front pocket, which exposes a sliver of thigh and a sliver of pocket – I am considering repairing this particular rip, as I find even a tiny ray of visible jean pocket displeasing. So imagine how I feel about this:

Personally, I don’t like the turned-up denim shorts either (you know how I feel about shorts), but they are infinitely preferable to the look on the right. In short, I agree with the picture. I hope that this post has given you some helpful advice when making your denim garment choices!


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