Menswear: Spotlight on… Kuegou

Last night Toby was looking at wool and patterns in order to start knitting his brother a jumper for Christmas. He was also looking at knitting patterns, and at this point I hijacked the laptop and started recommending absurdly difficult patterns that Toby could make for me (because I am absurdly difficult, naturally). I did find some nice things that Toby could make me if he had a spare year, and then there was no stopping me: the next thing I did was google “sexy men’s knitwear” (I am nothing if not straightforward). After a couple of pages of Google Images, I came across this beautiful garment:

… and several others, all of which I opened in separate browser tabs. I then noticed that they were all made by the same brand, Kuegou. I was intrigued and excited – after much-lamented traipsing around high-street clothes stores with nary a purchase, I had discovered a brand that seemed to cater to my style: classic, but with interesting, eye-catching details and subtle, unusual cuts rather than startling splashes of bright colour, garish prints or tasteless motifs emblazoned across the chest. Some other pieces that I particularly covet:

I am in love!  So what could be the next stumbling block? The price – surely such lovely clothes would be way out of my budget. But no: the most expensive of the above garments was a mere $17! So what about shipping?  It’s very difficult for me to find any information about Kuegou other than that it’s an Asian clothing brand which you can buy from here, but presumably importing these clothes would cost money. But FedEx has a reasonable shipping price of $15-$20 (depending on how much you order and subsequently how heavy the package is) – when you add this to the price of the clothes, and then weigh it up against the cost of clothing from UK high street stores, it’s still bargainous. One thing to note is that (I am trying to find a way to say this that doesn’t sound racist) because Asians are generally of a more petite stature than Europeans, the sizing is slightly different. I presume that I would be somewhere between an XL and an XXL in Kuegou’s clothes, which sounds hideous (and I will measure myself to confirm this), but the website helpfully states that in the pictures, the “Model Height: 185cm ( 6’1″) / Weight: 80kg; Model Wears: XXL”. So if the ideal man to display the clothes is an XXL, then I’m fine with being an XXL too. Just this once.

Not since John Devin (whose clothes I discovered thanks to my mum’s Grattan catalogue, believe it or not) have I been this excited about a menswear brand that isn’t insanely out of my price range. I feel that it is therefore my duty, and one of the reasons why I started this fashion blog, to showcase the brand and try and bring it to a wider audience. A refreshing and classy change from what one can find on the London high street, I will definitely be buying some Kuegou clothing and I hope that perhaps you will too!


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  1. Hey there! I stumbled onto this blogpost while googling for “Kuegou”, and yours seem to be the only few English posts I can find related to it.

    I found a shirt that I really dig (, but I’m still hesitant to buy it as a few friends were suggesting that it may not be a good idea to buy China-branded clothes – and at such a low price, it might be just indicative of its inferior quality.

    So I’m here to turn to you to ask—have you purchased any of the Kuegou outfits, and if so, how have you found them so far? How’s the quality like?

    Looking forward to your reply!

    • Hi! I like the shirt – nice choice! I take your (and your friends’) hesitations on board, especially regarding the cost/quality issue. But you never know – plus, one can also buy clothes from the high street, pay a lot more money and still have them be of low quality. So part of me says “what do you have to lose?” – but I also believe that we shouldn’t waste any money on junk!

      Unfortunately, I can’t really answer your questions yet because I haven’t bought any Kuegou clothes yet – I’m currently saving up to move house, so funds are low. But I am definitely planning to buy one or two items before the winter season here in the UK, and once I do, I’ll post a review on the site. Thank you for your comment 🙂

      • Thanks for the quick reply!

        Ah I see. No problem! 🙂 I guess I’ll just take a plunge then on a shirt or two, and after wearing them for a bit, I’ll report back as to what I think about the clothes.

        Definitely looking forward to your future review. 🙂 All the best with moving to your new place!

      • I meant to reply but I forgot.

        So I did purchase that shirt I was talking about in the end to satisfy my curiosity. It looked good, but unfortunately the material felt awful—it was as if they were using the same materials as a raincoat to make a shirt. I was complimented on my shirt however, but it wasn’t something I’d like my skin to feel.

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